Whitney Farowich


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Believe it or not, I originally intended to attend law school after my undergrad degree, and as part of this plan, I worked in the San Diego Superior Court clerk’s office for nine months. I was in the criminal department and still keenly remember some of the cases I read, as a 20-year-old female, beginning to realize how intense the world could be.

One distraction after another, and I never ended up making it to law school, no matter how many times my father told me that I would make a great lawyer. Instead, I ended up applying for nursing school, holding out to go to the University of Washington, as it had such a great reputation, and

"I refused to settle for anything less than the best."

I continued to show up at 150% for my career and made my way through incredible roles at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and then a dream role as a nurse educator in the pharmaceutical realm. Eventually, all the downtime of the pandemic led me to start my own business, and combine all my natural skills of caring for others and developing winning arguments, as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. I’m here and I can’t wait to help you win cases.

Holding baccalaureate degrees in both business and nursing, I have worked on all sides of the healthcare system, from the bedside to scheduling to administration to the pharmaceutical industry. I have specialized in oncology throughout, and developed exceptional communication skills after working with this sensitive population. A background in oncology is also unique in that it requires the practitioner to develop skills in all areas of medicine, including neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, hepatology, nephrology, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, dermatology, psychology, infectious disease, cell therapy, critical care, emergency situations, and rehabilitation. I am well versed to handle any case.

Maggie Blogin

BSN, RN, CCRN, Partner

Maggie is an experienced Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU) RN. She has worked in this specialty for over 2 years and was recently hired as an ECLS (Extrcorporeal Life Support) specialist. As a CTICU nurse, she’s trained to recover fresh post-operative patients directly from the OR. The patient population she cares for includes patients recovering from open heart surgery, heart transplants, and those with mechanical circulatory devices. Some of the devices that she’s trained to manage include LVADs (left ventricular assist device), Tandems, CentriMags, IABPs (intra-aortic balloon pump), Impellas, TAHs (total abdominal hysterectomy), and ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). In addition, Maggie has over 1 year of experience with providing CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy) and hemodialysis at the bedside.

Both Whitney and Maggie are currently practicing nurses at the University of Washington Medical Center. UW Medical Center is Washington’s #1 hospital and is nationally ranked in 7 specialties: cancer; diabetes and endocrinology; ear, nose and throat; obstetrics and gynecology; orthopedics; urology; and rehabilitation.

Whitney and Puget Sound Oncology Nurses visiting state congresswomen to articulate and promote legislation that would support oncology patients

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Ocean Conservancy

For the Love of The Ocean
Ocean Conservancy is working with you to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. Together, we create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.

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SeaChange Agency

We save the ocean, we save everything. We save ourselves.

We recognize that sharks and sea turtles, as well as other threatened marine species, are vulnerable and telling barometers for the overall health of the oceans, and that they face many massive hurdles in their battle for survival. Many species are at tremendous risk.

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

The Future of Cancer Research and Care

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine—have worked together to create a clinical research and care program that leads the world in helping prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and advance cures for patients.


Slow Food International

Choose a good, clean and fair food system
Slow Food is a global network of local communities working to give value back to food and protect the environment. Slow Food projects in 160 countries defend and strengthen local biodiversity, promote food culture and reinforce small virtuous economies.


Elephant Nature Park

Sanctuary for endangered species

Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens of distressed elephants from all over Thailand.


Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC); Blood & Marrow Transplant Nurse (BMTCN), certified through Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation